Our Vision

Fulfilling the Great Commission by raising Christ-centred disciples to plant vibrant, biblical churches in Kampar, Malaysia and all over the world.

Our Value

Learn the values that we hold to lead us towards our vision.

Our Belief

Understand how we view God, Jesus, Bible and many significant aspects of our faith.

Our Culture

See how we connect, believe, relate and act as one body of Christ that we called Hopefam.

Our story

With a humble beginning, a pioneering team from Hope Serdang came to Kampar under the commissioning of Pastor Kit Siang to explore the land of Kampar in 2006. The team came faithfully to plow and pray for the land on every weekend. 

In mid July of 2007, sister Bee Kim responded to the call to move to Kampar to start the church. With a group of three, a ministry house called “Shalom” was established. A life group was formed and they started to run regular gathering, prayer meeting and small service.

With God’s faithfulness, the number grow from 3 to 20 in year 2008.  Today, the church is still growing and we are still fulfilling the Great Commission and making disciples of people of all ages, start from kids to adults and families. 

Reaching out to the Next Generation has always been in our core and our heart. We want to believe that they will raise up for Christ and to bring the influence to places beyond Kampar.

We believe that God has been and will always be faithful to us as we are committed and faithfully pour out our lives to fulfill His vision. 

Our Global Family

Hope International Ministries (HIM) is a family of churches with many seemingly ordinary men and women who have caught the vision to do the extraordinary for God in extending the frontiers of His Kingdom. Each one bears the same heartbeat to reach people with Christ’s transforming love by planting seed churches wherever they go. The first church plant was in Thailand in 1981.

Through the course of time, seed churches were planted in neighboring Asian cities and also in different countries across various continents. Today, we are in over 600 locations in over 50 countries across the world. Our churches are composed of people from diverse ethnic groups and cultures, all worshiping and serving God while enjoying meaningful relationships with one another. As a family of churches, we share a spiritual heritage of commitment to help each other fulfill the Great Commission by actively planting churches all over the world.