I Am Ezer

On 29th July 2018, Hope Kampar had organized a Women’s Meet titled “I Am Ezer”. Approximately 30 sisters gathered together with The Shine Project team (led by Ps. Priscilla Raj) and the Praise and Worship team (led by Juwita Suwito). Most of the sisters were from Hope Kampar but we received visitors from Westlake Community Church as well. The event was named as “I Am Ezer” because the project’s aims are to bring together women of all ages and walks of life, for them to know their identity, purpose and call so that they can shine through and from it. Not forgetting, it is also to empower women in the roles they play and to encourage them in this journey that they are in.

Throughout the session, we sisters, were shared with, about how God created woman; what “Ezer” meant and what we are capable of, as a female individual. In Genesis 1:27-28, God created mankind on the sixth day He said that it was very good. He also said for mankind to have dominion and subdue over the earth and every creature. Coming to Genesis 2:18, He then made woman from one of man’s ribs, breathed life into her and she, Eve, became Adam’s company and helper. “Ezer” is a Hebrew word for “helper”. Women are the strength, rescuers and protectors, not only to their future partner but to themselves too. Because we are made in God’s image, we have been entrusted with the Holy Spirit from Jesus, to pray for others and to take authority over what is not of God.

To start off the meet, we had a praise and worship session led by Juwita and the team. It was an amazing time of upbeat praise that stirred up the liveliness in the atmosphere and a wonderful worship that we felt God’s tangible presence being poured down.

Next, we had the sharing of God’s Word by Ps. Priscilla. She taught us several Hebrew words that was in-line with the main points and what each of them meant. She also emphasized that we are made in His image and are unique.

As Ps. Priscilla closed her sermon, she opened the floor for altar call, for a time of ministry and prayer. Everyone who responded received God’s touch, had felt overwhelmed and shed tears while feeling the Father’s warmth and unconditional love.

After the altar call, Ps. Priscilla, Juwita and Kavita took the panel for the Q&A session by answering several interesting and in-depth questions and also by sharing their experiences and opinions.

We concluded the event with delicious lunch as refreshment, fellowship and a time of bonding with one another, which everyone enjoyed. In a nutshell, it is for sure that every single one of us who attended this recent women’s meet, were blessed by it and now know our purpose and what we were made for.

- Written by Alexandrea Chan

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