We are passionate about seeing every child touched by God’s amazing love and we consider it our honour to partner with parents to develop each child’s character!

The fun and meaningful Power Kids Club happens online every Saturday, 2pm.
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PKC Score Board

PKC Score Board is the leaderboard for children who consistently joined Hope Kampar Power Kids Club(PKC) every Saturday.

We hope to encourage the children with this gamification approach to engage and experience the fun interactive sessions to the fullest. 

Children will be awarded Experience Point (XP) and Health Point (HP) for the experience they have gained as well as their behaviour. The cumulative points of all the children are displayed to spur them to work collectively towards a common goal besides developing themselves.

Mysterious gifts will be rewarded to children at the end of each quarter. We hope the children will have fun gaining great experience and knowledge with us. Let us cheer then on!

PKC Score Board (Junior)

PKC Score Board (Senior)