Life Groups


Life is better together! We believe that we are created to connect. In our family, we do life together. Life group is a small group of people who gather regularly to connect, to share spiritual experiences and to grow in faith together.

You can belong here! We have groups for different age and life stage that you can choose to join.
Join us and let’s build genuine friendships that would help and support you in your walk of faith and to develop your fullest potential in God

Join A Life Group

Youth Group

A group for youth with the vision to raise them to grow as disciple of Jesus Christ and to help them to play their role in their young age in understanding & fulfilling their purpose of life through the Great Commission.

Tertiary Student Group

A group for university students that would build genuine relationship and filled with vibrancy to shine for Christ! Along the year, we created different opportunities for people to learn and how they can give their best years of youth & energy for Jesus. 

Working Adults

A group that catered for both singles and couples. The adults came together to share experiences over activities like having a meal & discussing the topics relevant to adults through Bible.

Family Group

A group caters for young parents to families with grown up children. The group meet to build strong relationship while sharing helpful tips in building family and raising children over discussion of biblical subjects that’s relevant to the needs.