Orang Asli Mission Trip @ Kg. Temoh

On 24th June 2018, around 35 members and visitors of Hope Kampar visited the community of Orang Asli in Kg. Temoh. One of our participant's brother came all the way from KL to join this mission trip too. This mission trip was led by brother Caleb and it will not be possible without the help and advice from Life church, especially sister K Lynn.

The main purpose of this mission trip is to introduce basic health care as well as celebrating Father's Day with the Orang Asli community. There are a total of five stations for healthcare including:
(1) The right way to brush teeth
(2) The right way to wash hands
(3) Blood pressure check-up
(4) Body Mass Index (BMI) check-up
(5) Identify the type of medicines and the right way to use it.

At the end of the healthcare stations, we sit down for a health talk by sister Wai Leng who works as a pharmacist. Surprisingly, the Orang Asli community responded well and correctly to every question that was asked. During the Father's Day service, Pastor Joshua shared about the unconditional love of a Father for us, that He cared for every single one of us. We prayed for the community on healing and restoration in faith that we can be made new in Jesus Christ.

Another highlight of the mission trip visiting families from house to house to have a better understanding of their living, and have a friendly football match. We were also served with delicious food which was all prepared by the mothers of the community.

It was indeed a great experience for all of the volunteers who had joined this mission trip. We are reminded of the importance of being the salt and light for the world including into the Orang Asli community.

- Written By Lim Hui Ling

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